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Soda blasting is an ecological solution compliant with European standards.

Pracownik prezentujący działanie maszyny do sodowania


Lower consumption of cleaning agents and fuel translates into savings.


Ideal for building facades, steel structures, historical artifacts, automotive, and many more.

Kolarz zawierający prezentację techniki sodowania
Bezpieczna maszyna do sodowania


Cleans surfaces without damaging them, preserving the original thickness of the material.

Quick Readiness ↗

Machine setup in just 15 minutes

🌍 Mobility ↗

Easy to transport anywhere, even to the most challenging locations

❄️🔥 Durability ↗

Operates in all weather conditions – from freezing cold to extreme heat

📏 Range ↗

Capable of cleaning from a distance of up to 200 meters horizontally and 150 meters vertically

How is Soda Blasting Different from Sandblasting?

❗️Soda blasting is more ecological, economical, and gentle on surfaces compared to traditional sandblasting

Pracownik prezentujący działanie maszyny do sodowania
Pracownik prezentujący działanie maszyny do sodowania

On Which Surfaces Can Soda Blasting Be Used?

❗️On virtually any surface – from building facades to steel structures, vehicles, and historical artifacts

Is Soda Blasting Safe for the Cleaned Surface?

❗️Yes, soda blasting does not damage the surface and does not alter its structure

Pracownik prezentujący działanie maszyny do sodowania

Stand out in the market!

The applications are limitless!


  • Renovation of building facades and interiors made of brick, concrete, plastered, wood…


  • Removing old paints, varnishes, and rust from metal surfaces, such as structures of halls, tanks, silos, chimneys, machinery, industrial installations…
Efekt sodowania
Pracownik używa maszyny do sodowania
Prezentacja maszyny do sodowania


Removing automotive paints, fillers, and surface rust from car bodies.



Exactly as you’ve seen in action! Our technology has been featured in many popular TV programs. You saw it in the series of episodes on Patryk Mikiciuk’s YouTube channel, where he talked about Sobiesław Zasada’s Porsche (the so-called Polish Porsche). It was also presented in the “Duda and Szafrański” program broadcast on TVN Turbo. And that’s not all! Soda blasting technology has also gained popularity overseas. On Discovery Channel in American shows such as “Gas Monkey” with Richard Rawlings, “Fans of Four Wheels” or “American Restorations,” its effectiveness was showcased.

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