How was sodablasting born?

It started in the 1980s in the USA

That's where it was appreciated effectiveness and non-invasive sodablasting, and at the same time, it began to be tested as a cleaning agent on various surfaces.

In the early 1980s the New York City authorities were looking for an effective and fast way to remove impurities from the huge Statue of Liberty - a 93-meter high symbol of America.

Various substances that could be used for cleaning have been tested to clean the Statue of Liberty. One of them was precisely baking soda, which turned out to be the best abrasive for the american statue. A special machine has been developed, which shot the abrasive in smaller amounts and at an optimal speed of 965 km / h, thanks to which soda perfectly cleans and does not damage the surface.

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Development of technology in Poland

Initially, the machine SB-500 Trailer was used in a small family business in Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland., where it was used for removing old paint and rust from forklifts in the process of renovation

At that time, very few people knew what this technology was and what possibilities it offered

The owners of traditional sandblasters, hearing about soda blasting, mocked the technology, claiming that it was unprofitable.

However, with each subsequently done job group of satisfied people grew up and started to appreciate it

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Strong brand

SodaBlast Systems machine services gained respect very quickly, and more and more customers expected their orders to be made using the original SodaBlast Systems soda blasting method.

A turning point for recognition of value SodaBlast Systems machines in Poland were renovations of historic projects by Patryk Mikiciuk's. It started the industry trend and the transition from sandblasting to sodablasting by replacing the services of companies operating on obsolete equipment.

Why is it profitable?

Prestigious sodablasting projects

SodaBlast Systems is chosen by the best in the industry: monuments, construction, automotive, industry

The owners of SodaBlast Systems blasting machines performed services in such locations as:

PKN ORLEN (petrol company), LOTOS (petrol company), Azoty Tarnów (fertilizer manufacturer), Azoty Puławy (fertilizer manufacturer), Mennica Legacy Tower (skyscraper), Skyliner Warszawa (skyscraper), Warsaw Unit (skyscraper), Warso Place (skyscraper), ZGH Bolesław (mining company), Pomnik Powstańców Poczty Polskiej w Gdańsku (historical statue), Auschwitz-Birkenau Miejsce Pamięci i Muzeum (historical buildings), Wojsko Polskie (Polish Army)

...and many others performed all over Poland and Europe.

Sodowanie Pomnika Obrońców Poczty Polskiej w Gdańsku

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