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Annoying Boss? Feeling burnout? Willing to be independent? Bored with your current job? Perhaps this is one of the reasons why you decided to look for something new in life. Challenges that will give you the opportunity to self-fulfilment on your terms. Take fate into your own hands and start activities that will help you break free from your previous life. Exactly from my previous life because re-fashioning is like starting a new life. It allows you to regain joy and satisfaction from your work. Catch the wind in your sails and gain new strength. Our clients confirm that the new challenge required a lot of effort, but they would not return to their previous lives. See how you can work and earn without neverending complaints from your boss and customers who need constant corrections. You just go in and work without worrying about anything.

Why blasting?
Why with SodaBlast Systems?

You are entering an existing and well-developed surface cleaning market with modern technology from SodaBlast Systems. Buildings, monuments, houses, old cars, boats require periodic cleaning and maintenance. This is your main task as the owner of a company using the SodaBlast System technology. Until now, blasting has been done slowly with inefficient sandblasters. By using SBS blasters you accelerate the entire work with less abrasive consumption. Corrosion and surface destruction is everyday life, that's why you have endless possibilities.

You can be 100% self-sufficient. You don't need any additional employee or helper. We know that employing additional people is a great responsibility and risk, which is why our machines enable independent work. You can do all the cleaning activities by yourself. You don't have to worry about the lack of people to work. Only you are enough.

The market for soda blasting and modern sandblasting services is very wide and inexhaustible. Rust removal - thanks to soda, you can bring new life to any surface. SodaBlast Systems technology does not damage the cleaned surface. Old vehicle renovation companies love to work with SodaBlast machine owners because of the technology that is safe for historic buildings. Removing paint coatings- you will effectively remove all paint coatings from all types of paints and varnishes. With SodaBlast you can immediately remove all layers to a clean surface without destroying it, thanks to which your client will be surprised by the high quality of your service. Conservators value soda-cleaning companies working on historic facades because of the effective and non-invasive method for old tenements. Dirt cleaning - remove all types of dirt that ordinary pressure washers cannot cope with. The high speed of the stream allows removing production dirt at large industrial plants. Works great for cleaning graffiti. Thanks to the mobility of machines, you can clean dirt deposits on water vessels such as boats.

SodaBlast Systems is a revolutionary paint removal and cleaning system that removes any coating from any surface. The machines are very easy to transport, so you have an unlimited range. You can offer your services to customers while maintaining high margins.

How much can you earn
on cleaning services?

See pricing examples for which our customers have done the service in Poland

Renovation of monuments

(renovation of 8000m2 of the church walls)
100,000 EUR net
2 months


(removal of old paint and rust from the outside)
6,500 EUR net
3 days


(removal of varnish from the external body sheet)
875 - 1125 EUR net
1 day


(removal of old varnish from the chassis and interior)
1125 - 1875 EUR net
2 days

Wooden house

(removal of 5 layers of old paints from the facade)
4500 EUR net
2 days

3 thermal reactors

(removal of accumulated deposits at a chemical plant)
3750 EUR net
1 day

Why is this a good bussiness?

  1. 100-150 EUR net - Our clients can earn so much on average by offering innovative SodaBlast Systems cleaning services
  2. Wide use - You can work on different types of abrasives from sand to soda. Thanks to this, you can provide services to many industry sectors: automotive, construction and heavy industry
  3. 3 x faster work - SodaBlast System uses innovative technology that makes abrasive acquire 3x faster speed than any traditional sandblasters
  4. Return on investment in 1 year - Market demand and prices of cleaning services translate into a very fast revenue
  5. You are the boss - you decide how much you work for and at what rate. Plus, you don't need anyone to help you. The machine is designed so that you can handle everything by yourself
  6. An innovative service - SodaBlast Systems is a constantly growing technology for cleaning various surfaces. We are constantly developing our offer with new solutions
  7. Safety - By using baking soda as a cleaning agent, you ensure a high standard of safety for the surface being cleaned. Unlike sandblasting, you do not damage the cleaned material coating. After removing dirt or varnish, you leave a clean, smooth surface without any damage. For example: removing graffiti from glass or varnish from car bodies
  8. Ecology - You work in harmony with the regulations and the environment. The blasters also use biodegradable and water-soluble cleaning abrasive- baking soda
  9. Support in business - We offer start-up training in running this type of business

American technology

SodaBlast Systems Poland offers proven worldwide comprehensive technology for surface cleaning and renovation. We enable you to open a business based on innovative and eco-friendly technology. It successfully replaces traditional sandblasting and is a good step ahead of the competition. By entering the market today with SodaBlast Systems technology, you can be sure of good and steady business for at least several years. Considering how long traditional sandblasting has existed, the outlook for this service is several decades. It's an idea for entrepreneurs to do business in the city and in the countryside. Everywhere there is a need for professional surface cleaning. That is when you enter the market with SodaBlast Systems services.

Advantages of modern technology

  • Does not damage the surface being cleaned
  • Removes more types of dirt (varnish, paint, rust, dirt deposits)
  • Cleans the surface more thoroughly, leaving no discoloration
  • Effectively accelerate abrasive, reducing its consumption leading to bigger profits
  • Easy to clean up, because baking soda dissolves easily in water
  • Lower material consumption also means less dust during operation
  • Preferred by the European Union as a future pro-ecological technology
  • Does not cause pulmonary pneumoconiosis to people at the workplace and surroundings

Disadvantages of traditional sandblasting

  • Damages the surface being cleaned, i.e. heating up, roughening, making holes, bending sheet metal
  • It does not meet European standards of pressure blasting, which is being forced out of the industry
  • Prohibited in dry mode due to carcinogenic silicosis
  • It is non-ecological and uneconomical due to the difficult disposal of insoluble waste (dirty sand)

Wide use on the market

Wide application in many industries:


Cleaning facades of brick, wooden and plaster buildings, including mineral ones.


Renovation of oldtimers, modern and heavy vehicles, including semi-trailers.

Heavy industry

Removal of post-production dirt on machines, silos, transmission lines, industrsial feeders, production halls.


Maintaining cleanliness in cities, removing graffiti, lanes, bus stops,cobblestone pavements.


Renovation of historic monuments, graves and buildings.

Food industry

Removing post-production dirt in plants.

You get support in the business.

Along with the purchase of a machine you get everything that is necessary to start a business, including individual training on how to use the machine and make money.
You don't need to have any experience in the industry. We teach professionals and amateurs just starting in the modern cleaning business.
You are able to act independently. You don't need to have employees. All the equipment can be operated by one person.

Here's what we offer you:

SodaBlast machine

Proven and trouble-free American technology.
The machines are available immediately at the Polish warehouse, ready to operate after purchase. We sell a complete set, ready for an immediate start in business. All you need to do is fill up the cleaning tank and start the compressor. In 15 minutes you are ready to start work.

Basic training

Discussing the principles of operating and starting up of the equipment on a day of receiving. Also maintenance and health & safety.

Expert training

All-day of practical training on how to effectively clean various surfaces (steel, wood, brick, etc.), using different nozzles (round and flat) and using various cleaning abrasives (soda, sand, glass). In order for you to work efficiently - perform the job quickly, using very little media and cleaning as much area as possible each day.

Business plan

We will teach you how to quote, calculate costs and profits, and how to prepare and perform to a job.

We facilitate financing the machine (only for Poland market)

We support you in obtaining funding. We have extensive experience and contacts to finalize a transaction. We contact ready-to-buy clients to with banks in order to choose the best leasing offer. The quickest and the easiest way to get financing in the banks which we cooperate with: PKO BP, Alior Bank, EFL, Getin Leasing, Idea Bank, Raiffeisen Bank.

Marketing know-how

We will teach you how to search for clients. You will get all the necessary information on how to build your brand. Everything to make you a leader in your area.

Advertising materials

You will receive banners, leaflets, photos for your website, logo stickers to promote your own business.

24 months warranty

Our basic service is an on-site 24-month warranty service throughout the country. The machines are trouble-free, their service consists mainly of changing filters and oils once a year or every 500 hours of work. After the warranty period, we offer a post-warranty service on the same terms. You get telephone contact with our service technician. We handle most of the cases by phone.

Support at every step

Our instructor will be with you remotely during your first orders, discussing aspects of the service, checking and supporting your sales, quotation and implementation of the cleaning service, so that you can avoid mistakes and stress.

You will be independent and self-sufficient

You are 100% independent. We know how difficult it is to find a good employee on the market. We hear more and more often that the hard-working and diligent have gone somewhere else. For this reason, many of our clients have chosen self-working to be completely independent. SB 500 Trailer allows such comfort of work. Designed and constructed, so that only 1 person can work effectively. You operate using the button located at the nozzle. Thanks to this, you have everything under control.


We offer a comprehensive and proven business idea. An idea that significantly expands the possibilities of acting in the cleaning industry with the support of a strong and innovative SodaBlast Systems brand from the USA, which we effectively promote in Poland. Each year we observe an increasing brand recognition, which leads to a boosting number of orders for soda services. Undoubtedly, this is a good time to enter the market with SodaBlast Systems technology, as the demand for this type of services will be systematically growing.

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