Machine efficiency
Which machine is right for your business?

The machine with the smallest efficiency.

Suitable for small renovation works: cars, graffiti, furniture, etc.

Wydajność up to 15m2/h
Tank capacity 37.5kg
Abrasive consumption 5-15kg/h
Largest nozzle diameter up to 6.5mm
Nozzle included HV-4 (6.5mm)
Max. hose length 55m
Axles 1
Whole net weight 1200kg
Weight of the blaster 176kg
Permissible gross weight 1300kg

Top model

Most recommended for the implementation of services on the go.

Versatile for jobs large and small. Highest performance. Cleaning tank 2.5x bigger than SB-200

Performance up to 60m2/h
Tank capacity 150kg
Abrasive consumption 5-60kg/h
Largest nozzle diameter up to 12mm
Nozzle included HV-5 (7.9mm)
Max. hose length 200m
Axles 2
Whole net weight 1550kg
Weight of the blaster 369kg
Permissible gross weight 1800kg

A blasting machine designed for medium-sized jobs.

30% more efficient than the SB-150. Cleaning tank 1.33x bigger than SB-150

Performance up to 20m2/h
Tank capacity 50kg
Abrasive consumption 5-20kg/h
Largest nozzle diameter up to 8mm
Nozzle included HV-5 (7.9mm)
Max. hose length 55m
Axles 1
Whole net weight 1350kg
Weight of the blaster 338kg
Permissible gross weight 1550kg

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