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SodaBlast Systems equipment gives you better possibilities!

Replacing the traditional sandblaster with technology SodaBlast Systems gives you a technical advantage over the competition, and the list of benefits of using ours!

The most important advantages of the SodaBlast Systems machines:

Only one person to operate the machine

Less abrasive and fuel consumption

Much more efficient work. Up to 60m2/h

3 x higher stream speed than a traditional sandblaster 965km/h vs 300km/h

Smooth power regulation. From gentle to very strong

Continuous machine operation

Efficient cleaning up to 200m horizontally and 150m vertically from the machine

Ability to work even in winter and in the rain

Innovation that works in practice!

The above advantages of the SodaBlast Systems machines provide

Execution of more blasting and renovation jobs

Reducing operating costs

Increasing the amount of m2 cleaned per day

Reducing redundant employments

Work in safe and ecological conditions

Ready for action in no time thanks to the mobility of the machine. This is an open way to the implementation of large, even the most unusual orders

SodaBlast Systems gives you full support!

We help in obtaining financing for the purchase of technology through leasing

After purchasing the machine, you will receive our practical and substantive support

Assistance in advertising and reaching out to customers.

Training on effective and economical cleaning machine SodaBlast Systems

SodaBlast Systems machines are covered by a 24-month warranty in Poland and a 12-month warranty throughout the EU.

Service at your designated place, throughout the country and the EU. At service branches or for a fee at your designated place.

Do you want to buy a machine and start earning??

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