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We create the sodablasting industry - replacing sandblasting in Europe

Back then...

Sandblasters were used to clean the surface, but they had some disadvantages that made work much more difficult

They did not meet European standards

Dry blasting was forbidden

They damaged the cleaned surface

It was wasteful and non-ecological

They created waste difficult to utilize

They broke quickly

However, there is technology from the USA

Providing a real advantage in the blasting market in Europe

Why should you choose them?

SodaBlast Systems Polska offers a globally proven comprehensive surface cleaning and renovation technology. We enable you to open a business based on innovative and ecological technology. It is an idea for a business in the city and the countryside - for entrepreneurs.

Does not damage the cleaned surface

Removes more types of impurities

Cleans the surface more thoroughly

Leaves no discolouration

It uses the abrasive more efficiently

Reduced dust during working

Preferred by the European Union as a future green technology

It does not cause pneumoconiosis in people in the workplace and environment

Easier to clean up

Lower material consumption

Why we need sodablasting?

Construction industry

Brick buildings, plastered with mineral or lime plaster, stone facades and sometimes concrete surfaces. They all have the same thing in common, overtime they require either removing old paint layers from the original surface or revealing a clean layer hidden under the dirt. It is also required to remove paint, varnish, graffiti, whole plaster or just remains. Each new or old building periodically requires refreshing the facade, floor, ceilings and other surfaces.


Construction Industry for Individual Clients

Everyone who owns a house knows that at the beginning and the end of each year, maintenance should be carried out. It does not matter if it is a paving stone, a patio, a toolshed, a fence, etc. For the building and the yard to be pleasing to the eye, you need to clean the elements/surfaces and then protect them so that they will serve for years and not fall into ruin. There is a need on the market to clean buildings made of wood, which is abundant in the areas where mountains are. As a rule, this involves removing layers of paint or blue stain that have formed on the surface over time.


Road sector

From time to time, there are changes in road construction. Renovations require a change to the surface i.e. the removal of road markings, maintenance of viaducts and other road elements etc. Due to weather fluctuations in Europe, there are huge temperature changes during the day, which leads to faster surface degradation and more frequent repairs.


Historical monuments sector

Monuments, tombstones, figures, reliefs, historic buildings, tenement houses and even churches. Made of brick, metal or stone. They require the best blasting precision from old stains or paints that have covered them for years. Often paint that has been applied multiple times over the last 100 years, layer on layer. It is a huge market across the country that is closely watched by conservators and renovators who care about high quality.


Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, sodablasting is increasingly replacing sandblasting in the European market. Soda blasting, in contrast to sandblasting, leaves the vehicle body smooth, without bending thin sheets of the body and the chassis, which is ideal for historic vehicles. More and more often also with today's people. Sodablasting removes old varnishes, paints, and even several centimetre layers of putty and surface rust. Every year there are new cars on the market. After each quarter of a century, some vehicles are known as classics - oldtimers. Usually, after this time, cars require a larger or smaller contribution to the sheet metal machine. To restore the car without destroying the car body, top mechanics use the non-invasive method of sodablasting.


Light and Heavy Industry

The industry offers even greater development opportunities. Everything made of metal deteriorates over time and requires repair. Many elements/constructions wear out and are replaced with new parts, but many components/surfaces are still in good condition but need maintenance. In many cases, repair consists of blasting the surface and removing rust or paint, then applying a new coat of paint. On the other hand, there is a part of the sector where blasting is about cleaning precise elements but not damaging the surface, keeping it in its original state.

Who uses our machines?
Patryk Mikiciuk journalist from TVN TURBO

A specialist in old vehicles and a collector of cars from bygone decades - he rebuilt Sobieslaw Zasada's Porsche 911 using the SodaBlastSystems technology. Now, together with Carrington Serwis and ProSoda Tricity, uses sodablasting in restoring a Ford GPW from the Second World War for a museum

Duda vs Szafranski on TVN TURBO

A popular program on TVN TURBO, where two mechanics restore vintage cars with a certain budget. They clean elements out of rust and old varnish, by using sandblasting and sodablasting with the help of SodaBlast Systems technology.

Programs on Discovery Channel

You have seen well-known and loved episodes like "Auto Reloaded" with Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkeys, "Overhaulin" with Chip Foose, American Restoration from Rick Date, and "Fans of Four Wheels" with Mike Brewer and Edd China, where presenters restore old cars by engaging local companies to perform blasting with the SodaBlast Systems method

How profitable is this business idea?

The owners of SodaBlast Systems machines earn much better than the operators of other machines on the cleaning market because they complete the order in a shorter time (higher speed of the stream) and at the same time bear lower costs (less used cleaning abrasive). The machine allows the use of more types of cleaning abrasive, so they also have more orders, including the so-called "unfeasible". In addition, the integrity and mobility of SodaBlast Systems machines ensure easy and trouble-free access to any jobsite, throughout the country and abroad and starting anywhere. By using the well-known and proven SodaBlast Systems device, you increase your reputation for services and business. Below we present how much you can earn on individual jobs.

The Military Academy


Renovation of the sandstone facade of the Polish Army building in Warsaw on Nowogrodzka Street

Market price:

50 000 EUR /2500m2


2 months

A statue


renovation of the Monument to the Defenders of the Polish Post in Gdańsk

Market price:

21 250 EUR


10 days

Chemical reactors


removal of dirt accumulation at the Azoty Pulawy chemical plant

Market price:

3 000 EUR /3 reactors


1 day

A car


typical removal of paints from the outside of the car body by using sodablasting

Market price:

1125 - 2125 EUR


1-2 days

A castle


renovation of the facade of the castle in Bad Honnef, Germany

Market price:

60 000 EUR /3000m2


1 month

An overpass


Removal of paint on the reinforced concrete during a general renovation of a viaduct in Lodz, Poland

Market price:

6 000 EUR /400m2


5 days

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