Faster blasting air flow = less consumption of abrasive and efficient work

High speed 965km/h (600mil/h) ejection blasting flow that provides technology SodaBlast Systems makes the abrasive granule greater kinetic energy (simplified: the mass of abrasive X air flow speed). High flow speed into the surface on which for example is a paint, is not reflected from it, but it breaks up into particles. Releases in this way the energy that removes paint from the surface.

At low flow speed as in regular sandblasters majority of the abrasive granules is reflected, instead of breaking. Therefore, since only some of the granules break up and release energy, it takes many more of them to blast the same surface off of the paint.

With technology SodaBlast Systems you can economize the amount of used abrasive and save the time it takes to blast. A completely different design than the regular sandblasters.


Various operating modes – dry blasting, hydrodynamic mode with water areola and innovatively – dustless water mix

SodaBlast Systems offers various operating modes so it is possible to choose different methods when working with only one machine.

There are three operating modes, including one that is available only on our equipment.

  • Standard mode - dry-cleaning. Pour abrasive into the container, when the machine is started, the abrasive is discharged through the nozzle with a great speed and cleans a surface.

There are also two dustless modes, that is, cleaning with water which eliminates the dust if it is unwanted.

Dustless water modes:

  • Hydrodynamic mode - with a hose connected to a tap or a container with water from one side and to a special nozzle from the other, a stream of water is delivered forming an areola around the stream of abrasive/air mixture. This way dust is eliminated in up to 95%.
  • Water mix - this is an innovation we introduced during the latest constructional changes in the machine interior. It enables adding abrasive into the container and pouring it over with water in the proportion of one to one. This way dust is practically completely eliminated; this method does not require connection to a water container or a tap.

If we want to clean steel that may corrode in contact with water after removing rust of paint, you can add a concentrate “RUST INHIBITOR” that we have in our offer; it will prevent a surface from rusting for a three-day period of time. At this time you can clean the rest of a surface without worrying that the already cleaned elements would become rusted again. This concentrate should be diluted with water in a 1:100 ratio.


Soda leaves a cleaned surface smooth, undamaged and without scratching; it does not heat, freeze of deform it.

You can also achieve a various level of roughness of the surface, depending on the type of soda used for cleaning.

SodaBlast Systems offer includes currently 7 types of baking soda which differs in the size, hardness and shape of the soda granules.

Depending on soda used for cleaning, you can achieve different effects.

One of them is the appearance of a surface after the removal of dirt or paint.

There are two methods to choose:

  • Delicate - smooth, undamaged surface
  • Intensive - roughened surface (tarnished), a bonding bridge is created, desired for the application of paint, mass, adhesives and mortar.

The main idea of using baking soda is to leave a cleaned surface without damage. Thus, the delicate method is used most often as soda granules do not generate a high temperature while crushing and breaking as it is in the case of sandblasting.

This high temperature would heat a surface up which would start to widen, bend and become deformed – e.g. metal cleaning. Metals keep their physical parameters. In the case of removing paint from a galvanized steel – the zinc layer also stays intact – no scratching and the paint will be removed. This also works with graffiti on a pane, the pane stays smooth with not tarnishing effect and there will be no trace of paint left.


Soda does not cause a sub-zero temperature on a surface, either – as it is in the case of dry ice cleaning where the temperature drops to -90oC. It may cause microscopic cracks and changes in a material due to sudden changes in temperature, that is, from a temperature of a dry ice used to clean up to the ambient temperature level in which the work is done. Let’s assume that the ambient temperature is +20oC. The difference of temperature levels is even 110oC – it is a thermal shock for a cleaned element. Another example is cleaning machines that are made of different metal elements with different thermal expansion values – it causes the micro-cracks. When using soda in the delicate mode, the temperature of abrasive and the cleaned surface is the same for the whole time.


It can roughen a surface as a prep for painting thanks to baking soda with a special granule size

An intensive method is a process of grinding (tarnishing) the elements while removing paint, rust or contaminants. According to the law of physics, a temperature is generated during the process of grinding. The temperature may bend metal sheets, especially when it is thin. Grinding may cause irreversible damage to the surface. If a surface is smooth under the layers of paint or dirt, it will be roughened after the cleaning.

However, you should remember that even with the intensive method, the surface roughness is moderately light is not as destructive as it is after sandblasting. In addition, steel will not rust after cleaning so fast as after sandblasting. Soda temporarily secure surfaces from rusting.

This method is invasive as compared to the delicate one, but some Clients need also to have such an option. Our machines ensure flexibility in obtaining the required effect on the cleaned surface


Smooth adjustment of air compression and the amount of abrasive. Electric control of a machine at its nozzle

A blaster is equipped with control system that smoothly adjusts the air compression and the amount of abrasive. You can freely set the amount of abrasive appropriately to the value of air compression.
The device enables also to turn off the ejection of abrasive so that only air could be discharged from the nozzle through the same hose. It is useful to dust off the workplace or a machine at the end of work.


We use eco-friendly, bio-degradable and easily water-soluble abrasives

Nowadays, environmental protection is a priority. Baking soda prevents from harmful effects of obsolete methods such as caustic chemicals dangerous to use and very expensive in disposal. Sandblasting, too, leaves big amounts of waste sand which is not easy to dispose of. Baking soda is easy to dispose of and has an eco-friendly pH level of 8.2. It also dissolves in water after its granules are crashed into dust at a cleaned surface.

For the European Union, ecology is the basis for the further development of economy. SodaBlast Systems ensure safety and this is why soda blasting is promoted by the EU as a future standard. At present, sandblasting is forbidden due to its carcinogenic effect caused by pneumoconiosis. A full replacement of a sandblasting method with SodaBlast Systems technology is just a matter of time. Introduce an innovation to your business


It works also with traditional abrasives such as glass, sand, corundum, abrasive shot– and is also 3x faster than ordinary sandblasters

Since 2015, all SodaBlaster machines are adjusted to work with abrasives of very small granule size such as baking soda and up to the granule size of 2-3mm of traditional abrasives such as crushed glass, sand, corundum, cast steel shot. This makes our machines universal.

A user has a wide selection of abrasives and if one wants to clean a surface and obtain a strong roughening effect, one can add to a machine abrasives with sharper and bigger granules.

It is worth noting that SodaBlaster machines by SodaBlast Systems have an ejection speed 3 times faster than sandblasters. Therefore, when using sand, glass or abrasive shot with our machines, the cleaning process also will be 3 times faster than that of an ordinary sandblaster


Problem-free work –undisturbed and continuous cleaning blast

Our machines ensure undisturbed and continuous work thanks to patented construction, electric control system as well as cooling system.

The stream going out of the nozzle is continuous with no pulsating effect, it is jam-free as well. A break in work takes place only for refilling the container with a new portion of abrasive


Failure-free, verified construction ensuring low maintenance cost of a machine

High-quality components and materials used for blasters construction ensure  long years of problem-free and peaceful work which does not require high maintenance costs.


Round and flat nozzles with a very long life-span ad with a special design that increases efficiency

Our nozzles are manufactured in aviation technology and ensure 1500 hours of continuous work. Stream hoses connecting the machine container with a nozzle is replaced by Polish Clients on average every 2-3 years and they are not expensive.

During a week of continuous work the net cost of worn out elements is EUR 2,50.

The rest of components require maintaining them in a good condition through a systematic servicing performed on your own, according to the instruction in a user guide


Safe for operator and bystanders, cleaning with baking soda does not cause pneumoconiosis unlike cleaning with sand

Apart from profits and efficiency when working with blaster, you also want to take care of your health. Sandblasting puts you are at risk from pneumoconiosis even by pouring the sand and inhaling the dust only. When working with SodaBlast Systems, there is no such danger as baking soda is water-soluble and it is not deposited in lungs.

What is more, when using original soda blasting, abrasive does not bounce off the cleaned surface towards the operator of a blaster but falls freely on ground. It is because a soda granule is lighter than a grain of sand. It allows the operator to work wearing light working clothes in comparison to the clothes required when working with sandblaster. For soda blasting you need only a mask, hearing protection, working shoes and overalls. You can find them in most of the shops with health and safety products.


SodaBlaster™ machines have a wide spectrum of application

SodaBlast Systems technology  aims at diversity of application and most of our Clients buys our products for various reasons, according to their own vision

You can use them in different sectors, here are a few examples:

  • industry - a preparation for painting small objects and large steel constructions including halls, bridges, spans, roofs, rafter framing, containers, silos, tunnels, towers, flyovers as well as removing old paint during their restoration
  • construction - cleaning brick, wooden, plastered building elevations and removing dirt, paint damaged plasters, waterproofing or soot left after fire
  • automotive industry - renovation of a car’s body, interior, vintage and modern cars in private workshops and authorized services, as well as cleaning engine blocks, rims, pumps, etc.
  • public sector - keeping the streets clean, removing graffiti, removing painted lines from roads, cleaning paving stones
  • monuments - renovation of elevations of historic buildings, memorials, gravestones
  • food industry - removing post-production dirt, cleaning transport machines and belts, production halls, silos, stainless steel elements such as containers

Dirt that our machines deal with:

  • powder coatings, polyurethane-epoxy coatings
  • surface rust and internal rust
  • car paints
  • alkyd, oil, phthalic and acrylic paints
  • old plasters
  • environmental, industrial or food contamination
  • buildings blackened from fire
  • graffiti from walls or glass
  • gelcoat from laminated boat
  • and others...


In every technology, apart from such advantages as environmental performance or safety, eventually all it counts is cost-effectiveness.

You should pay attention to the speed of the cleaning process. Ejection speed of  our blaster is 3 times faster than an ordinary sandblaster which guaranties equally fast performance of work. This causes reduction of costs you would bear during working with our blasters which consists of:

  • working hours of an employee, the machine operator
  • the consumption of fuel by air compressor per hour

When working off-site, finishing a commission faster means also = lower cost of accommodation + lower business expenses.

In addition, it is good to remember about one of the features of our machines. Even if you want to use very sharp abrasives, other than baking soda, you can do it with the same device. So you have one machine for various applications. A universal machine, yet faster, more efficient and problem-free in application.

Faster performance of work = Less working hours + Less fuel consumption


All equipment from our offer and the technology we use meet the national and European standards. The machines were verified by the National Labour Inspectorate (Polish: PIP), the Office of Technical Inspection (Polish: UDT) and they have a CE certificate with a notified body that as an independent supervisor checks every container in the USA before their shipment to Poland.

What is more, for each Trailer version of chassis, European certification of approval (“E”) is issued, thanks to which our machines can be registered as a special trailer in each country that is a Member of the European Union.



Ensure your own and your Client’s safety, be transparent. Be aware of what you work with and what you inhale.

Our abrasive – Soda SBS is a 100% Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3. It is usually used in washing powders, baking powders, pharmaceuticals and as a household cleaning agent (after dissolving it in water).
Baking soda is not the same as Caustic soda used as an acid. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they both are called soda, however, these are two completely different chemical compounds. Baking Soda is not an acid and it is not caustic, it has an alkaline reaction with the pH level of 8.2.
There are no additives in the list of ingredients of our abrasives, such as aluminium oxide, sand or glass as it is in the abrasives of other companies: these additives play an important role while cleaning, because other devices are not designed to work with pure soda.
We advise you against investing in technologies for which a technical specification is prepared with no list of ingredients included in it and in which such phrases as a “mix”, “formula” or “it may contain cutting additives” are used.
Soda blasting means that cleaning is performed by means of baking soda. When baking soda is mixed with other abrasives, then it is no longer sodablasting but sandblasting!


SodaBlast Systems is an easy technology.

SodaBlast Systems abrasives is safe to be transported and stored. Additional ADR certificates for transporting dangerous products are not required. In case of spilling the abrasive in a car or a storehouse, you just need to sweep it back to a bag. Storage on pallets indoors.
If water gets into the bags with abrasive during transportation or storage, it will only become lumpy. Baking soda is not caustic, there is no risk of burn, loss of health or life, it is not a caustic soda! These are two different chemicals which must not be confused!


All SodaBlaster models have a 24-month warranty of SodaBlast Systems Poland and USA


SodaBlast Systems Poland ensures warranty and post-warranty service for our Clients.

The Trailer models of our machines require annual servicing by our personnel which is performed at our Client’s location – it includes oil and filters replacement. Other machines do not require such inspections, but still should be maintained by a Client, one one’s own, according to the instructions in a user guide.

All spare parts are always available in our warehouse in Poland and it can be sent overnight. We also provide assistance by phone and, in emergencies, we send our service workers to the Client’s location


Innovation verified in 2015 for the following 3 years

SodaBlaster™ technology and the machines received a positive review on innovativeness . This review is a good argument for a claim that our machines are the future of Polish economy.
Thanks to the innovativeness, environmental performance as well as the uniqueness of SodaBlast Systems™ method it is easier to obtain EU subsidies for entrepreneurs and farmers.
What is more, SodaBlast Systems™ is an eco-friendly technology


We perform live presentations of our technology in our company.

We will present you with the equipment from our offer and we will help you to choose a model according to your needs.

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