All blasters can clean the same surfaces. The difference lies in how many square feet we can clean in one hour. In each machine, the speed of the stream is the same, which is 965km / h (600mil / h), but the surface area that is cleaned is proportional to the size of the machine. 

Wersje Mobile, a wersje Trailer

The trailer version is a complete set of a blaster and a compressor which pumps air into the blaster and which later comes out of the nozzle with the media. All built on a special chassis.

The mobile version, however, consists only a blaster not on a chassis and without a compressor. These models need to be connected to a separate air compressor. A blaster can be transported in a vehicle or set up in the company.


SB-500 = up to 40m2/h
SB-200 = up to 20m2/h
SB-150 = up to 15m2/h


SB-500 = approx. 5 - 40m2/h
SB-200 = approx. 5 - 20m2/h
SB-150 = approx. 5 - 15kg/h


SB-500 = 5m3/min (5000 litres/min) or more
SB-200 = 4m3/min (4000 litres/min) or more
SB-150 = 3.5m3/min (3500 litres/min) or more


SB-500 = up to 6 bags x 25kg (150kg)
SB-200 = up to 2 bags x 25kg (50kg)
SB-150 = up to 1.5 bags  x 25kg (37.5kg)


SB-500 = from #3 to #8 + flat
SB-200 = from #3 to #5 + flat
SB-150 = from #3 to #4 + flat