❤️ Love from the first glance in a perfect trio?? A satisfied couple of our new customers and an SB-500 Trailer blaster. Congratulations on your purchase and look forward to see the first photos of your work :-)


From the opposite corner of Europe our customers arrived. 

As you can see, they are happy after the presentation of the SodaBlast Systems blasting technology. Previously, they were tired of their simple sandblasting machine, which made a lot of problems with renovating old cars. They have decided to buy a professional and efficient equipment.


We present one of the latest works of our Client Mr. Krzysztof from KAMBUD, who has cleaned the corrosion of a huge, multi-storey industrial furnace in a chipboard factory.

A multi-day contract, done only at night, using masking covers, was finalised successfully. The client was happy, because no one else from any traditional sandblasting companies wanted to take such a difficult task.

With machines of SodaBlast Systems and desire to work every order is doable.


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Want to clean a facade, a floor or a wall by getting a smooth flat surface with no damage or streaks. Replace a round nozzle for a flat one.

Wider, less deep and diffused stream will provide you with safe and quick cleaning on larger surfaces just after the first use.

Ideal for renovating bricks, wood, plaster, as well as large steel surfaces where high performance is required.

Precision nozzle can gently and carefully remove any graffiti painted on a bus stop or from mineral plasters, and can be used during the renovation of antique furniture.


Our customer from 4 years ago, sent us his SB-150 Mobile machine for a service review. We checked the condition of the machine, cleaned the tank and dirt components, replaced the new hose and a nozzle, and finally lubricated the moving parts. The ready machine we send to the customer. Let it run smoothly for another 4 years :)


This is another direction where SodaBlast Systems machines go. Mr. Sebastian from Munich, owner of a vintage car repair workshop, had collected over his new machine "SB-500 Mobile". Congratulations!

P.S. With Mr. Sebastian we will see again on an Expert Training. We will teach him how to clean quickly with the lowest possible usage of abrassive and how to quote and cost services.


Mr. Janusz purchased an SB-500 Trailer, went through an all-day Expert Training and made a three-day contract to clean up 500 m2 of space in the first week. Congratulations and all the best!

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