Read an interview with Krzysztof Kaminski from Kambud in Zielona Gora (Poland). He uses an SB-500 blaster since 2010.

How did it happen that you started working in this business?
I found this technology on the internet. I was looking for something new in my life that I would like and develop for many years to come. A traditional business, which would give me a lot of satisfaction from done work. I bought the machine as one of the first in Poland from SodaBlast Systems Polska. You could say I was a pioneer (laughs). Initially, this business did not look too colourful. In 2010 not many people heard about soding. I was not even able to search anything about it on Google. I had to explain and demonstrate to my clients what it all was, practically from scratch. But I believed that was the future. I had this feeling in my heart and guts.

How does it look today?
Now it is cool. I'm thinking about the next set on the chassis, but this time with two assembled nozzles for simultaneous cleaning by two operators. Currently, I have an SB-500 Trailer, but if I had a bigger machine it would be a great advantage. The increasing recognition of this technology corresponds to a number of orders. More and more people contact me on SodaBlast Systems every year. Today, clients are well aware that I will remove paint and any dirtiness without any damaged. They expect quality, speed and safety on designated surfaces. I meet their expectations because I have super equipment and experience.

Why SodaBlast Systems?
Opportunities and brand. I can work with virtually every kind of abrasive, not only with purified soda or glass. Even if I sand I use it less than in a traditional sand blaster. My machine has never let me down, typical American technology. I just insert abrasive into the tank and I'm not worried. All the problems that occur in traditional sand blasting machines have been eliminated. In addition, many times on joint large jobs I cooperated with other companies which use traditional sandblasting machines. I was using sand side-by-side with other firms and I have heard repeatedly their surprise of how quickly and dynamically I can do the same job. They always start to look for a secret but there none. There are many factors. The whole machine has many improvements, from the construction of the tank, through nozzles, subassemblies, air preparation section, and the fact that the brand, the device and the technology is from the US. As I am reaching my workplace with my trailer, you can immediately see the professional equipment. I do not even count how many times I get approached by office or physical workers from particular companies in order to ask about the device.

What enchanted you at this kind of work?
Quick completion and quick payment (smile). Previously I worked in the renovation industry. The process of several to a dozen technological passages divided me from the final effect. And here every meter behind me, which I have already cleared is a closed case. Simple.

The New Year 2017, how do you see your future?
Looking back in time, buying the machine was a good choice. I develop and learn new surfaces, so I gain experience. There is no monotony here. I worked in military bases, sewage farms and hydroelectric power plants. I cleaned the historic elevations of town halls, steam locomotives or hansom cabs. I am still surprised by customers of what they want to clean. I also have a lot of regular customers which trust me. They bring me small or large elements or if it is a large object I may go to their premises. For some of my customers, I do not even estimate the price before the job because they already know that they will pay accordingly to the working time of the machine. They know me and they trust me. I always work, so that the customer is satisfied and is keen to return to me with another order. Trust and enjoyment of what you do are the basis in every business. With this message I look into a bright future.



 We would like to say thank you to Krzysztof from Kambud for the interview

Firma KAMBUD Krzysztof Kamiński
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