Original SodaBlaster machines by SodaBlast Systems from USA. Machines of the future, increasingly popular in Europe, used for blast cleaning in the metalworking, construction and automotive industries as well as for cleaning services. Used for removing paint, rust, soot, environmental contamination, etc.

  • Patented technology with an abrasive ejection 3 times faster than that of a sandblaster (965km/h)
  • Verified innovation in 2015 for the following 3 years
  • Eco-friendly, bio-degradable and easily water-soluble abrasives
  • Safe for operator and bystanders, soda blasting does not cause pneumoconiosis as when using sand
  • Soda leaves the surface smooth, undamaged and without scratching; it does not heat, freeze or deform the surface
  • It can roughen the surface as a prep for painting thanks to baking soda with a special granule size
  • SodaBlast Systems machines work also with traditional abrasives such as glass, sand, corundum, pellets – also 3 times faster than an ordinary sandblaster
  • Problem-free work – undisturbed and continuous cleaning blast
  • Smooth adjustment of air compression and the amount of abrasive. Electric control of a machine at its nozzle
  • Round and flat nozzles with a very long life-span and with a special design that increases efficiency
  • Various operating modes – dry blasting, in a hydrodynamic mode with water areola, as well as the innovative dustless blasting in a water mix
  • Failure-free, verified construction ensuring low maintenance cost of a machine
  • Machines as well as soda of a various granule size always available in Polish warehouse
  • The lowest price of baking soda all over Europe! Prices from PLN 0.99 net/kg




SodaBlast Systems uniqueness is a patented technology

It takes from the blaster from the smallest granules of abrasive such as soda to the largest ones of 2-3 mm (such as granulated glass, corundum and others), and then eject the abrasive with a 3 times bigger speed than a traditional sandblaster, even up to 965 km/h. It ensures a constant and continuous work even when using hygroscopic, water-soluble abrasive that would clog and blocking sandblasters.

Innovative idea

In sandblasters, the air stream draws the abrasive and throws it to the bottom of the container which is not effective and precise. In our machines, air is let at the bottom of the container, flows through it drawing the abrasive and comes out at the top of the container discharging it through a hose. It is a completely different construction from the ordinary sandblaster.

In sandblasters, abrasive falls down to the hose because of gravity, like in a hourglass, which is ineffective and not very precise. In our machines, the air uses the whole volume of the container drawing the abrasive by means of a stream of compressed air. It is a completely different construction from a sandblaster.

What is more, our machines have a cooling, drying and filtering system. It prepares the air used for blasting according to the standards, providing the best efficiency and cleaning speed as well as continuous performance. In addition, it is powered with only 12V.

Dustless water mix

As the only blasters in the world, they can clean in the water mix mode: we pour water over the abrasive in the container which create a mixture that is then discharged from the machine’s nozzle with no need to connect it to water supply.



Join the market leader

Since 2009, our company has been engaged in promotion of the SodaBlast Systems™ technology in Poland and in neighbouring countries by presenting an eco-friendly, modern, and, above all, 3x faster and effective than sandblasters method to remove paint and contaminants to all persons concerned.

We are still developing and getting stronger, and our brand is already an industry leader, from which our Clients also benefit.

SodaBlast Systems performs well in all sectors of the economy.

It is applicable in many industrial sectors for cleaning small and large constructions and metal, metallurgical and welded elements, as a prep for wet painting or powder painting.
In automotive industry – used in spray shops and authorised services to remove paint and cleaning a car body, chassis and engine compartment of modern and vintage cars.
It is used in construction industry for brick, concrete or plastered elevations. It works well with graffiti, when cleaning wooden houses as well as during monument and sculpture renovations. It removes rust, gums, soot, paint layers and environmental contaminants